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Welcome to the blog of Keturah A. Ford – Christian Bible Teacher, Founder, and Author of the Mommyhood Deconstructed Series.

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Mommyhood deconstructed series

“Be inspired to be the woman and mother God called you to be…”

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→ I believe that God is the originator of human life and the institution of the family.

Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2: 22 – 24

→ I believe that God is a restorer of what’s broken in family and society.

Luke 4:18

→ I believe that God ultimately has “good” plans and a purpose for His people.

Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28

Keturah’s 20 years of work and volunteer experience began when she first accepted the “call” to serve as a Child Advocate in a Domestic Violence Shelter in 2002. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, a Masters Degree in Education + CE in Elementary K-5, and is a triple certified facilitator in Bible-based Trauma Healing, Marriage Enrichment, and Parenting Instruction.

Additionally, Keturah was ordained into the ministry of Bible teaching and preaching in 2009 and has been an active speaker at churches, conferences/retreats, nonprofit organizations, media outlets, and community events.

Today as a Christian Bible Teacher, Founder, and Author of the Mommyhood Deconstructed Series – Keturah is purposeful about her mission to see women and families thrive in faith despite the challenges they face. 

In 2019, God led Keturah to begin writing the Mommyhood Deconstructed journal. Reluctant at first, it would take several months of indecision, some encouraging words from another mother, and the gentle push of Keturah’s editor to release the first book of the series in April of 2020.

Keturah is excited to share stories that combat the myth of the “perfect family” while encouraging the hearts of women and children. Some of her greatest joys have been having the honor and privilege of donating her books to non-profit organizations, reading to students at a public New Jersey elementary school for National Read Across America Day (2022), and expanding Mommyhood Deconstructed through other initiatives.

On a normal day, you can find Keturah homeschooling her “spunky” 3rd-grader, walking/praying/journaling in order to stay close to Jesus in this uncertain world, discussing theology with her husband of 16 years, mentoring other women, plotting her next family road trip, and whipping up delicious recipes that feed the mouths of her forever-hungry family!