Keturah Ford’s call to “teach and encourage” is greatly impacted by her personal experience of redemption and healing by her Lord + Savior Jesus Christ as she hit “rock bottom” in low self-worth, confusion, unhealthy relationships, and a lack of focus years ago. She still testifies that if it had not been for God, she would have gone down a “different path.”

Today she is a trained Christian Minister and certified Parent Educator. Keturah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Master of Science Degree in Education, and several certifications related to trauma healing and family life.

She got her start with working with women and children in the areas of family crisis support, domestic violence recovery, and family literacy 20 years ago.

Keturah A. Ford is purposeful about her mission to see women and children thrive despite the challenges they face.

Keturah continues to write and provide hands on support to women and children through various outreach projects, Read Across America, and other related work.

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