It’s Okay to Dream…

Today’s times and current events may have snuffed the creativity and energy out of many people’s dreams of enjoying life a bit…

I was reminded of something wonderful last week as I sat with Jordyn to talk about the upcoming #FallSeason and came to the conclusion that I’m going to have the cup of hot cocoa, gather the apples, pick the pumpkins, and enjoy whatever activity I’m granted by God to enjoy.

It’s so easy to use the excuse that this world is “falling apart” (it sure does seem like it sometimes) in order to avoid anything that puts a smile on our face and a little pep in our step.

But we would be doing ourselves a disservice by falling for this temptation.

Of course, adjustments will need to be made during a worldwide health crisis.

Please don’t forget to bring wisdom along for the ride…

I’m still that girl rocking her mask and standing 6 feet apart (if not 8 feet😏) from everything and everybody. Even my car in the grocery store parking lot is 6 feet apart from other cars. Lol.

But dare to dream…

There’s still a world (your community, your state, your region) to explore without the need of an airplane or hotel stay.

And as we are out there remaining hopeful, a beautiful thing just may overwhelm our hearts — #gratitude.

•gratitude toward feeling the breath in our lungs

•gratitude toward seeing the sun shine brightly or the rain pour purposefully

•gratitude toward tasting a great meal

•gratitude toward hearing the birds sing on a nature hike

•gratitude toward viewing the beach waves and sand dunes

•gratitude toward a God who has granted another day to be still in His presence

My latest beach trip on 8/22/20.

What activity – old or new – can you imagine yourself engaging in this #FallSeason (or Spring season depending on where you live in the world)?


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