Coming Home…

March 2020 impacted so many lives in lieu of COVID-19 and the numerous changes people were required to adapt to.

I almost didn’t believe it when I received notifications that my daughter’s school and the entire state of New Jersey were shutting down.

I still had trouble accepting it one month into quarantine life as I imagined things going back to normal amidst the food and supply shortages, Kindergarten video tutorials, virtual church, and work-from-home protocols.

Some relief came over the summer as designated stores, restaurants, and other establishments began to reopen. By this time, I’d gotten used to our make-shift reality and knew it was time to not only adapt, but adapt and thrive.

I’d already cried my fair share of tears as the pressure of trying to “figure it all out” was weighing down on my back pretty hard.

Would I run my support groups in an office space, online, or even my backyard? (Yes, I was desperate!)

Would I educate my child via our school district’s remote program or go the homeschool route?

How would I squeeze in work and local church ministry while making sure Jordyn’s schooling was a top priority along with washing the clothes, cooking the meals, and tending to the regular household duties?

Not to mention, how would I face the challenges of isolation and the need to socialize with other kids and people period?

And finally, something became clear.

I needed to come home…

God, soon began calling me to deeper places of prayer —— times that mirrored “less of me” and “more of Him.” After months of chaos, I soon felt safe.

My eyes began to open up wider during my personal Bible study time. I filled pages and pages of journal notes – this time praying not mostly for myself but for others in my sphere of influence.

Home was dependable, loving, and unchanging. Home was a resting place in God…

No, I don’t have office space (I will facilitate groups online)…

No, we didn’t have an ideal remote school experience (I will actually be homeschooling Jordyn)…

No, I haven’t achieved perfect work-life balance (I do what I can, believing what I’ve done is enough)…

But I have found home – a resting place that won’t change even if everything else does in this uncertain world.

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