Conversations With God. Unexpected Answers.

I was recently contemplating the beauty of #prayer and intimacy with God.

To have this connection is an honor as we get to voice and express our hearts to God — no matter the words or circumstances.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and felt like your words were misunderstood or lost in translation with the person you were talking to?

Not so with God. Even when we aren’t speaking, God interprets our tears (Psalm 56:8) and groans (Psalm 5) accordingly. What an awesome Lord!

Last week, I began my first Unafraid of the New Class with this: “What are we bringing before God today? What do we need Him to recreate?” 

We were reminded that not only can God handle our “larger than life issues,” but He also desires to respond.

But sometimes God’s responses to us are not what we imagine. I personally get it. 

Almost 10 years ago, I lost my mother unexpectedly and tragically – not to older age or an expected end as one might imagine in an ideal world. But I lost her to a sudden illness that left her with unsuccessful surgeries, a comatose state, and the eventual shutting down of her organs. I prayed and so had thousands of others who hoped that she would recover. But she didn’t. 

To say I was angry is an understatement. I was livid! I felt she had gone too soon. 

But with time, some great talks with communities of healing (the kind that understands grief + loss), even more prayer, and the grace of God — what I’ve learned is this:

We can continue to talk to God – no matter how angry or undignified the words are.

And God’s ongoing response to me has been this: 

“Keturah, I love you. I’m with you. Give your pain to me – as many times as you need to. I’m ‘recreating’ your difficult experiences into something purposeful. You are mine.”


Will you be talking to God more this week? What seemingly impossible things do you need Him to recreate?

3 responses to “Conversations With God. Unexpected Answers.”

  1. This was timely. Thank you, truly, for allowing your pain to become something to bless others. God bless you!

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