Peaceful Moments: Trip to the Farm

There will be many times in our lives that our peace will be challenged or threatened.

These moments are inevitable as no one is exempt from experiencing or witnessing the hardship, suffering, and chaos of our ever-changing world.

I promise you this isn’t a “gloom doom” blog post, and if you’re interested – KEEP READING… #ThereIsHope

And during these challenges to our peace, we will need to remember something very important:

Nothing can separate us from the love of God…

Romans 8:39

The power of these words carry much weight when we intend to “live” them out with the audacity and boldness to get up, make plans, show up, and receive that special love amidst a worldwide health crisis, war, inflation, etc.

And so I, myself, am choosing to receive God at His word… Nothing can separate me from the love of God amidst my own personal life challenges. I (we) can get up, make plans, show up, and receive PEACEFUL MOMENTS. God’s got us and we’ve got this!

Check out the latest vlog below…

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