Story Time: To the Mother On a God-Mission…

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Today, I salute you. You made it through another week. You’ve been a wife, mom, cook, nurse, friend, money manager, counselor, teacher, driver, CEO of home, and many other things to your family. 

You may work full-time outside the home, run a business part-time, or tend to your little one(s) just right where you are. I’ve fulfilled all of these roles in various phases of my family journey, so I get it. No judgment towards your personal choices coming from me.

Whatever the case, God sees your efforts of love. He sees you wake up to pray for strength. He sees you scheduling date nights with your spouse and play dates for the children. He sees you cooking dinner (sometimes two different meals for picky eaters). He sees you coordinating doctor’s appointments and family outings. He sees you owning your strength while submitting to your husband. He sees you using your gifts/talents to make an impact in the world while balancing mommy + me time. He sees your tired body as you lay the last kiss on your kid’s forehead before bed.

God sees the way you attempt to run a smooth-sailing (sometimes bumpy) ship called home and wants you to know that HE LOVES YOU. He’s rooting for you and so am I.

3 responses to “Story Time: To the Mother On a God-Mission…”

  1. Thank you Keturah, this was very encouraging today! — Jennifer


    1. You’re welcome, Jennifer! God bless you! ❤️

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