Practicing Solitude As a Mom, Wife, or Caretaker

Today I’m just sharing a bit of my real life as a wife, mom, and practicer of Christian solitude.

I “retreat” a few times a year with the goal of:

  1. Being removed from my normal environment and activities.
  2. Connecting with God more deeply in a space and time when I know He’s “nudging” my heart to do so.
  3. Receiving a more focused perspective about my real life as it relates to the will of God.

Check out the video:

Are you considering doing something similar, but need to adjust and adapt according to your unique family and circumstances?

Take a day trip instead if this is more feasible at the current moment. If you have infants/small toddlers/preschoolers, utilize the stroller or playground equipment as you pray and/or journal for a bit. You can have older children journal for a few minutes as well.

Use the walking/hiking time to talk to your family about God, creation, and other spiritual/practical matters that can be addressed. “Checking-in” with family members more personally is also possible. Sometimes children (and spouses) have a tendency to open up more about things that are on their hearts when they are removed from their routines.

Don’t overthink your solitude time. One of the benefits is to spend time with God outside of your normal environment and activities. God absolutely loves you and longs to hear your voice and heart as you offer him your time as a sacrifice!


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