National Child Abuse Prevention Month: Let the Children Live…

April is National Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Month, a time when child wellness and child welfare organizations across the U.S. elevate the importance of creating systems and programs that put children and families first. (

Putting children and families first was also a goal for those existing many years ago. Take for instance some Hebrew midwife nurses who lived during a very tumultuous and dangerous time…

There were two Hebrew nurses who helped the Israelite women give birth. They were named Shiphrah and Puah. The king of Egypt said to the nurses, “You will continue to help the Hebrew women give birth to their children. If a girl baby is born, let the baby live. But if the baby is a boy, you must kill him!”

Exodus 1: 15 – 16

A corrupt government and even more corrupt agenda was negatively impacting countless families. Children who deserved a chance to live were denied the opportunity to do so. Parents who deserved to see their little ones crawl, say their first words, and take their first steps were prevented from experiencing such privileges.

Yet some very brave people had the audacity to do what was right…

But the nurses trusted God, so they did not obey the king’s command. They let all the baby boys live.

Exodus 1:17

As parents, concerned citizens, and community members – our moral stance must also be to let the children live.

We must get educated about how to prevent child abuse in our own families and spheres of influence. Additionally, we must not turn a blind eye to others who may need our assistance through encouragement, support, or simply a referral to an outside resource that can help.

Because if God is concerned (historically and presently), He desires us to be as well…

Are you in?

#LetTheChildrenLive #NationalChildAbusePreventionMonth

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