“We can build a legacy of faith in our lives and families despite difficult times…” Keturah A. Ford

Keturah’s work spans over two decades in the areas of social services and education with roles in crisis recovery, mental health, domestic violence, parenting education, and adult + family literacy. She published her first book in 2015. Keturah became laser-focused in her service to others during the 2020 Pandemic Quarantine and began writing even more. Soon after, God led her to publish the devotional journal, Mommyhood Deconstructed, in order to challenge the facade of the ”perfect family” because we all have struggles.

Keturah attributes the legacy of her parents to much of what she has pursued in the areas of work and ministry. She remembers being the eldest of six children in her family of origin as a challenging but blessed effort. Keturah’s family didn’t have much money and experienced their fair share of hardship, but she vividly remembers plenty of hugs, endless access to books, room to create, and good food derived from her Southern and Bahamian roots! Additionally, it was Keturah’s mother (now deceased) who instilled in her the power of prayer and resilience.

Keturah and her husband Jason (Pastor + Special Education Teacher) have been married for 15 years and are the proud parents of a beautiful and “spunky” 8-year old daughter named Jordyn. They were ordained together in the ministry of teaching/preaching in 2009 at the church they first met and were married in.

Today, Keturah’s current service to women and families is passionate and embraces the fervent love of God towards people who are growing + evolving amidst crisis, suffering, grief, relationship trauma, injustice, and challenging transitions. Trained in Biblical Counseling, she holds a Masters Degree in Education (M.S. Ed.) and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (B.A.) and is a triple Certified Facilitator in Bible-based Trauma Healing, the SYMBIS Assessment (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts), and Parenting Instruction.

Keturah Ford’s call to “teach, proclaim, and encourage” is greatly impacted by her personal experience of redemption and healing by her Lord + Savior Jesus Christ as she hit “rock bottom” in low self-worth, confusion, unhealthy relationships, and a lack of focus years ago. She still testifies that if it had not been for God, she would have gone down a “different path.”

Many of Keturah’s messages are centered on the power of prayer/fasting/worship, heart healing, rebuilding after a crisis, engaging in spiritual warfare, and building legacy impact despite the challenges of life. She truly believes that mothers, grandmothers, aunties, mentors, and female founders have a special role to play in positively impacting the next generation. She has a knack for reaching a variety of people, no matter their status, upbringing, or position in life. For speaker bookings, please call 609-337-4551 for more information.

Guest Speaker for college students @QueensGathering of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania (2018)