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Are you a mom looking to navigate a healthy lifestyle after experiencing domestic violence (DV)? In this free 60-minute virtual consultation, focus on:

  1. Building more momentum in your mental and spiritual wellness.
  2. Encouraging your children in their own unique journey while building a lasting legacy.
  3. Creating family routines and home structure that foster healing.
  4. Recognizing what you truly want in a relationship.


In-home support for supervised visitation requires the non-custodial parent to remain in the company of the child/ren with hired Monitor (Keturah A. Ford) for the entire time. Appropriate activities for the home appointment are chosen at the discretion of the non-custodial parent, with flexibility to use local venues (park, restaurant, library) as a meeting place. “Private parenting coaching” is provided for the non-custodial parent at no extra cost. However, the goal is for non-custodial parents to gain the necessary skills to confidently support the care of their child/ren during supervised visits. Court-ordered instructions must be shared with hired Monitor. Written visit documentation is provided to all relevant parties involved: non-custodial parent, custodial parent, court, etc. 

This service is provided for New Jersey (Central + South) and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia + Lower Bucks Counties). 

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Keturah A. Ford holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Master of Science in Education along with several certifications related to trauma healing, parenting, and family life.

She is purposeful about her mission to see families thrive despite the transitions and/or challenges they may face.

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