For about 6 (six) months now, God has been giving me illustration after illustration and visual after visual about rebuilding. I wanted to release this blog post earlier this month, but now I feel that it is time. I truly believe the Holy Spirit wants to encourage the hearts of His people at this particular moment and in a particular way.

Reconstruction is all around me – literally – as I’m observing contractors, carpenters, engineers, painters, electricians, and the like go to work on the homes and buildings I’m acquainted with in my local neighborhood and those I frequent. The empty house next door to me is even going through a “rebuilding” as the township has hired a company to clear the debris and extra furniture in order to restore the residence to a healthier state.

Personally, my own home is going through a major transition as well and I can’t shake these constant illustrations and visuals of rebuilding. And those who are familiar with the process of home and building renovations, realize that the process is sometimes not fun at all! Often there is a “tearing down” of foundational issues in the home or building in order to establish the new construction in proper positioning and placement, as is the case with my own place of residence.

And when I consider the physicality of a home or other structure in need of “rebuilding,” I can’t help but consider our spiritual lives as well. Sometimes the most uncomfortable parts of our human existence are when the Lord desires to “clean up” the debris and extra “stuff” out of our minds, hearts, plans, and agendas.

How much more can God accomplish in our lives if we would only allow Him do His perfect work in us – as inconvenient and messy as it is sometimes?

And just as the hired professional will “rebuild” a home or structure into something beautiful and often unrecognizable from the state of deterioration, the Lord will also “rebuild” us.

The Master Builder (God) can replace fear with hope, uncertainty with confidence, heartbreak with healing, stony hearts with moldable hearts, confusion with certainty, chaos with rest, laziness with a healthy pursuit of Kingdom purpose, stagnation with bold moves, idolatry with worship of the true and living King of Kings – Jesus.

He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6

Will we accept the “rebuidling”? Who is with me?

#TornDown #Rebuilding #ThisIsSpiritual #HopeInChrist #MasterBuilder #LordISurrender

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